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Crimea, Constantinople, and Fracking
A Response to Russian Occupation of Crimea that Profits Western Business
March 3, 2014

2 0 1 2

Conclude the Tax Holiday, Again
The Bush Tax Holiday Has Been a Job Killer
August 19, 2012

2 0 1 1

"No Restraints"
Budgeting in Ohio
January 1, 2011

2 0 1 0

Tax Policy and Job Creation
Special Tepeyac Edition
December 12, 2010

The Fracking Legal System
Gas and Oil Leasing in Portage County
December, 2010

Respect President Bush's Tax Holiday
Temporary Tax Cuts Should Expire as Planned
November, 2010

Signs of Hope
Economic Recovery in Spite of Financial Manipulators
August, 2010

Politics of Death, and Artificial Persons
Big-Bank Lobbyists Spread Costs to Small Banks
July, 2010

Regulating Contractors
Building Inspectors in the Deep Blue Sea
Junet, 2010

Silver Buckshot and Institutional Green
Kent Environmental Council,
Defending the Planet for Forty Years

May, 2010

President Depends on a
Thoughtful Constituency

Reading the Entire News Release
April, 2010

Truth in Labeling, Legislative Application
Regulating Health Insurance Carriers
March, 2010

Groundhog Day Again
State of the Union: SBA, Gas Tax, and Pell Grants
February, 2010

2010 Salary Cap for Financial Institutions
Employers Pay Extra to Taxpayers
for Salaries Over a Million

January, 2010

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Solstice Morning,
and "Thanks a Lot, George!"

short description…
December 21, 2009

Local Action Again
Municipal Legilsation to Save the Planet
December, 2009

Essential But Not Sufficient
short description…
November 4, 2009

Honduras, a Constitutional Democracy
short description…
October, 2009

Health Care Reform, the Next Generation
short description…
September, 2009

Special Bastille Day Issue,
Let Them Eat Risk

short description…
July 14, 2009

Special Independence Day Issue,
California Declares
Monetary Independence

short description…
July 4, 2009

"Tax" Is Not a Four-letter Word
short description…
July, 2009

Special Bunker Hill Issue,
BRIC in a Multipolar Economy

short description…
June 17, 2009

Carbon Emissions Tax…
… a User Fee for the Public Atmosphere

short description…
June, 2009

A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Influenza Misinformation as a Political Tacitc
May, 2009

Reasoned Alternatives
April, 2009

Lent, and Seed Grain
short description…
March, 2009

Special Washington's Birthday Issue:
Serious Managed Demand

short description…
February 22 , 2009

Special Valentines Issue:
Essential Conflicts

short description…
February 14, 2009

Special 200th Birthday Issue:
Natural Selection in Political Discourse

short description…
February 12, 2009

Special Groundhog Day Issue:
Foreign Policy, the Re-set Button & Lobbyists

short description…
February, 2009

A Managed-Demand Economy
short description…
February, 2009

Special Tet Issue
short description…
January, 2009

Special Inauguration Day Issue
short description…
Juanuary, 2009

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Bailout Resolutions: Coupons & Earmarks
short description…
January, 2009

What's Good For The USA
Is Good For General Motors

short description…
November, 2008

Economics of Mass Destruction
short description…
October, 2008

Russia's Energy War
short description…
September, 2008

A Busy Week at Mogadore Reservoir
short description…
August, 2008

Foreclosure Relief to Equitably
Distribute the Pain

short description…
July, 2008

Technology as an Agent of
Popular Participation In Government

short description…
June, 2008

Workers of the World, Equate!
short description…
May, 2008

April Fooled Again
short description…
April, 2008

Kosovo, Why Not Kurdistan?
short description…
March, 2008

Deeper in Debt to Dubai
short description…
February, 2008

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Jonathan Edwards
short description…
January, 2008

Thomas Jefferson
short description…
December, 2007

Corporate Bailout
for American Manufacturing

short description…
October, 2007

Funding Social Security
short description…
September, 2007

"Hello, J. Edgar?"
short description…
August, 2007

Gasoline Tax Income Redistribution
short description…
July, 2007

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